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D2I news for October: Predicting, programming, and a pair of new posts...

Dear Data to Insight colleagues –

Please find below another bundle of news, within which I hope you’ll find something of interest. As always, if you want to talk about this stuff, or have ideas for how we can do useful things – or how you’d like to get involved – then reply to me and let me know what you’re thinking about.

  1. CLA placement modelling tool (CLA-DMt)

  2. Cut the ChAT (CtC)

  3. Other recent tool updates

  4. Apprenticeship feedback exercise

  5. D2I job opportunities

  6. Credits

1. CLA placement modelling tool (CLA-DMt)

Demand Modelling Tool for CLA Placements | Data to Insight

The CLA placement modelling tool is now live on the D2I website. It’s an Excel tool which uses PowerQuery to ingest multiple years of SSDA903 data files, and generates adjustable cost and demand models for different kinds of CLA placements, which it calculates by inspecting transition rates between different sub-categories of CLA. There are three key views – one providing granular forecasts with confidence intervals, one providing historic analysis of SSDA903 data, and one providing a cost model visualising cost expectations based on the model’s predictions, your unit cost inputs, and your expectations of the balance of future placement provision.

We think a lot of LAs will benefit from using this with their commissioning teams, and with that in mind we’re trying to get in touch with commissioning networks as well as with D2I colleagues – if you have commissioning colleagues who approach you about using this tool, or you would like to approach them about using it, and you need any help figuring it out, please do just get in touch and we’ll help. It’s a powerful tool which also makes it important that you feel confident when you’re using it! I’ll also be seeking invitations to regional groups to give a brief demo alongside other D2I updates.

I do think this tool benefits from seeing it working, so I’m going to try and pull together a quick video demo soon, and am happy to help anyone in the meantime with a quick run-through before or after they load data in.

All you need to get started is downloads of your recent years’ SSDA903 files, and a bit of time to play with the workbook to find what works well for your data. As always, feedback is gratefully received so we can make sure that things work well, and that they’re the right things!

2. Cut the ChAT (CtC)