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Children's Services Data Apprenticeships

Corndel and Data to Insight are excited to offer data professionals the opportunity to equip themselves with the skills to effectively manipulate, analyse and communicate complex data sets.

Corndel and Data to Insight have partnered to develop a programme that enables local authorities to build data science capability in Children’s Services teams.

This opportunity will improve your data capabilities by giving you the skills to better understand, handle and communicate children's services data.

Alongside networking with other data analysts within children’s services teams, this programme will be delivered in partnership with Imperial College Business School, providing you with further opportunities to network and connect with other like-minded data professionals.

We've surveyed and interviewed children's services analysts to understand their needs and design courses specifically tailored for them. We want to help analysts improve their services.


W​e are now a community of over 100 analysts in more than 50 LAs. We're constantly working to improve the programme for learners. ​


You can register your interest for future cohorts below. 

The Data Analyst Programme



The Imperial College and Corndel Data Analyst Programme establishes a powerful network of data scientists, analysts and database managers at key intersections in your organisation.


The D2I programme embeds cutting-edge thinking and is tailored to the particular needs of local authority children's services.

  • 18-month blended learning delivery model

  • Fortnightly coaching with a Professional Development Expert

  • 18 hands-on workshops delivered by experienced data scientists

  • Bite-sized, practical projects to embed learning

  • Flexible learning content in a range of formats

  • Fully funded through the Apprenticeship Levy

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Courses tailored to analysts working with children's services data

Answer new questions

by learning how to do advanced data transformation, linkages and pattern recognition.

Automate routine tasks

and release time for bespoke analysis supporting quality improvement.

Comprehensive content

Learn how to collect, organise and analyse data in line with the Data Analyst Level 4 standards.

Relevant assignments

Practice your new skills on analysis directly relevant to your team's daily activities.

Get trained for free

by using your council's apprenticeship levy to pay for the apprenticeship course.

Appropriate format

Learn in your own time to best manage your workload. Learn alongside colleagues doing similar jobs in other LAs.

See the impact in these examples of work-based learning:

Council A

Built a monthly forecast of social care referrals based on several years of data. ​​Explored which deprivation measures impact contacts across LSOAs and analysed the relationship between referrals and deprivation. ​

Council B

Created Decision Trees, Logistic Regression and Random Forest models to predict if a care leaver is likely to be in Education, Employment or Training. ​​Forecasting of Children Social Care Contacts

Council C

Explored the relationship between Key Stage 2 results and Absence using linear regression​​. Explored the relationship between Exclusions and Socioeconomic Indicators using logistic regression​​. ​​

Application form and reference materials:

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About this offer

This offer is led by Data to Insight. It was established in partnership with the non-profit Social Finance, the South East Sector Led Improvement Programme (with East Sussex County Council as the lead Local Authority), and the Children’s Services National Performance and Information Manager's Group (NPIMG). 

The project's initiation was financed by a grant from the Department for Education.

The commercial partner for apprenticeship delivery is Corndel, partnered with Imperial College Business School.

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