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PATCh is the Python Analysis Toolkit for Children's services. It allows users to use data analysis and visualisation apps that have been coded by analysts and Data to Insight,  entirely in browser, free from servers, without the need to have Python on your computer. This allows users to access the power of Python for data work with no need for a local Python install, no need to worry about they safety of servers, and no need to know any Python themselves.

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Contributing to PATCh

Whilst anyone can use apps on for PATCh, the tool itself is made possible by LA analysts as apps are coded by them, with support and teaching from Data to Insight. Data to Insight provides teaching and consulting for any LA analyst with any level of Python, even none, to help them get to the point where they can code Python and write apps.

For those who already know a little Python, we have two videos that will be useful:

The workflow for writing patch apps on GitHub

How to write a basic PATCh app for people who already know a little Python

To get involved you'll need a GitHub account, and to contact us with your username so we can add you to the PATCh repository and give you read/write permissions.

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