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This page lists links to reports and other documents we've published as part of our work. Some links redirect to external pages. For support, or to contribute to our work, visit our community spaces.

17 Apr 2024

D2I Early Help Data Collection Quarterly Review Q3 23-24

12 Apr 2024

D2I Structure and Governance 2024-25

26 Feb 2024

D2I Case Studies 002: The Python Analysis Toolkit for Children's Services

4 Dec 2023

D2I Structure and Governance 2022-23

21 Jun 2023

D2I Annual Report to All Colleagues 2023

7 Jun 2022

D2I Annual Report to All Colleagues 2022

30 Nov 2021

Local Digital Council Spotlight: East Sussex and Data to Insight

18 Aug 2021

D2I First Year Retrospective

7 May 2021

D2I Case Studies 001: Open Source Data Analysis for Councils

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