CLA Placement Modelling Tool

To get a copy of the placement demand modelling tool, enter your email address below. The tool is free, but it would help us hugely if you could commit to a follow-up conversation in a couple of weeks where we can find out whether this was useful, for what, and what changes you would prioritise in the next release.

A little background information:

Thanks for your interest in Data to Insight's demand modelling work! Led by local authorities with support from the ADCS, DfE, Ofsted, and DLUHC, we're working to help LAs make better use of data in children's services.


This placement demand modelling tool has been created with funding from DLUHC, expertise from data scientists at Social Finance, and plenty of input from local authority analysts and commissioning managers.

All our tools are free to local authorities, and all of them are "open" so you can see exactly what they're doing. They come out of a community of analysts who want to work together to make better tools available to everyone.

Thanks for your details - you should receive an email shortly including the tool as an attachment