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How to join in

Data to Insight isn't a software supplier or consultancy - we're led by local authorities and funded by national and local government partnerships. We're here to help LA colleagues get work done and share it with each other. The best thing about Data to Insight is the community of analysts who are doing and sharing great work through this network.

We recognise that different LAs want different levels of engagement with our work. As such, we offer different collaboration approaches to suit different users’ needs.

"I just want the tools"

We produce an email newsletter to all site members containing important updates about new tools and projects. We supplement this with a blog, and the option to subscribe to page updates on this website (via your member settings page). Every page on the website also features a contact email address for users to get in touch directly if they prefer. To get started, visit the Tools page via this link, or via the website menu.

We also support LAs sharing tools and code beyond our core toolkit. Where these fit with our toolkit, you'll find them on the Tools page as detailed above, but more technical users, learners, and borrowers can also use our D2I Code Library, hosted on GitHub, to access more resources and share their own work. Projects are held in individual repositories managed by their respective owners, with most repositories being private to D2I members for the time being. For access, contact us by email.​​

"I want to be kept in the loop"

We plan and manage task progress using Trello. LA colleagues are very welcome to join the Trello boards to add comments, vote on suggested features, and add their own items - just email us and ask for a link. We'll use member feedback to inform the development roadmap and prioritise our work, and we’ll use the boards to make sure you can always see what we're planning to do next.

"I want to get stuck in"

We use Slack for more involved discussion, particularly when developing tools together. The Slack workspace is open to all LA colleagues (though it's recommended only to join the specific channels for which you'd like to make contributions) - if you've not yet received an invitation, just email us and ask for a link. This is a new thing for us, so we'll pay attention to how it goes.

Of course, if you prefer, you can always email us directly and tell us what you need.

What about governance?

Our formal governance document is available to read here. In short, we are supported by a volunteer board of directors with a majority of LA data professionals, plus representation from regional leadership, national government and other experts as appropriate to current priorities.


If you have any specific questions about how we operate, do feel free to get in touch via email

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