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D2I news for March: modelling demand, moving home, and more...

Dear all ChAT group members –

As Data to Insight Manager, I’m here to support development of our data tools and the communities we form around them. If you want to talk about this stuff, or have ideas for how we can do useful things – or how you’d like to get involved – then by all means reply to this email and let me know what you’re thinking about. In the meantime, I have some updates to offer. It’s a shorter update than usual, not because there’s less going on, but because I want to highlight the most important points this time and especially make sure you don’t miss the move to the new website. Expect a deluge of smaller news next time around…

  1. Demand Modelling Tool 2021


  3. Apprenticeships

  4. Credits

1. Demand Modelling Tool 2021

With thanks to several LAs for contributing feedback at very short notice, we’re today sharing the Demand Modelling Tool 2021, which we hope will help you prepare for an imminent end to 2021’s first lockdown. You can download the tool HERE.

Where last year’s tool was constrained by the fact that we lacked prior experience of the impact of lockdown on CSC front doors, this year we have last year’s data as a reference point. As such we’ve rewritten the tool to function quite differently (you can still access last year’s tool in its usual place, if you find that tool useful – this one won’t replace it). This year’s tool asks for more historical data – if you can run an extract of “Annex A” list 3, going back 2 or ideally 3 years into the past, it will generate a “seasonality” model to understand normal ebbs and flows of demand in the calendar year, then look at how that changed during 2020’s main lockdown period, and apply those changes to the current/future lockdown period. All the dates are editable by you to suit local contexts.

Send me any feedback as you work with the tool, and let me know if you’d be interested in joining the feedback/development group for a future stage of work – we want to build on this fresh start to try and establish a tool we can use to model demand across the CSC system into the future, whether it’s lockdowns we’re worrying about or something else entirely.

Please note that this tool won’t be on khub. If you genuinely cannot get access to to download this tool, please reply to this email and I will send you a copy and set you up an account ready for when your IT service unblocks the website. The last thing we want is to prevent people using the tool, but we can’t keep running two sites in parallel and really believe is going to make life better for our community.