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Annex A Explorer

The Annex A Explorer extracts Annex A data back out of the ChAT Excel tool and recreates key visualisation from the ChAT report. The idea is to show what kind of thing is possible in Python using relatively little code, and very quickly. So long as you have a version of the ChAT tool with your Annex A data loaded into it, you can easily run this tool. The only current version of the Annex A explorer that has been released is the Dev version, but learning and Usability versions are on the way. Versions of this tool that read directly from the .CSVs that make up the Annex A, bypassing the ChAT tool are currently in design stage.


Using the tool

With just a little Python experience, using this tool is easy. For minimum use of the dev version, you simply need to scroll to the first cell with code in and replace the text YOUR FILEPATH HERE with the file directory where your ChAT is stored. You then need to update the variable 'chat' below. Replace the words YOUR FILENAME HERE with the filename of your ChAT file. When updating the filepath, ensure the filepath is surrounded by single quotes, as in the example below, and again like the example below, is preceded by an r.  When updating the file name, ensure it is followed by .xlsx, and that the whole thing is surrounded by quotes, as in the example below. 

The example above shows what the code may look like when filled correctly with your filepath and filename. Once you have done this, you can simply click the Restart and Run All button in the Notebook's toolbar. After waiting a little while (it takes a while to read the ChAT file), you'll get your outputs, graphs that visualise the same data as the ChAT report, in the same way.

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