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Better data tools, better collaborations, better services for children

Who we are

Data to Insight is a national project designed by local authorities and supported by the ADCS, DfE, MHCLG and Ofsted, helping local authorities make better use of data. With a primary focus on children's social care, we support a national community of data professionals in designing, developing and maintaining useful data tools, connecting like-minded people, and helping good practice spread across regional boundaries. We want every local authority to have great ways of working with data, because high quality data work is crucial in enabling our services to effectively support children.

What we do

Data Tools for Children's Services

Shared data tools developed by local authority analysts to support children's services departments across England and (slightly) beyond. A dedicated central technical resource to help share, host, and support tools once analysts have created them.

Developer and Analyst Communities

Ways for local authority analysts to contribute to technical development plans, support new developments, and discuss best practice in relation to the existing toolkit. Spaces to seek and share expertise and insight, helping local excellence diffuse across regional boundaries.

Advocacy and Expertise at National Level

A dedicated central resource to help represent local authorities to national data providers, legislators and other stakeholders. Ways for local knowledge to inform national approaches. Time saved not just in centralising data preparation for analysts, but also in effective data design.

A background image showing a section of the "ChAT" analysis report

Children's Services Analysis Tools

Our flagship Excel tools use the standard Annex A reports produced by all English local authorities to produce detailed analysis covering every stage of the children's social care pathway.

Children's Social Care Benchmarking

A comprehensive, frequently updated compendium of national datasets relating to Children's Social Care, with table and chart views, and options to create your own comparator groups.

A background image showing a portion of the CSC Demand Modelling Tool

New initiatives to benefit the sector

From demand modelling to sector-tailored apprenticeships, from multi-year funded projects to small tweaks of existing tools, our priorities are defined by local authority data professionals.

A background image showing a portion of the Statutory Returns Predictor tool

Economies of scale, at a local level

“For an LA such as ours with a small CSC data team, this would be the opportunity to use a far better tool than we would have time to develop independently.”