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Better data tools, better collaborations, better services for children.

Led by local authorities, Data to Insight is a national service working to improve data work in children's services. We share our toolkit with every local authority in England. We support collaborative projects, help build local capability, and enable effective engagement with national partners. We do all these things because high quality data work is crucial in enabling services to effectively support children.

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Safely and securely improve and speed up data validation for key returns.

Our in-browser Python data validation approach helps you quickly validate and clean data for key returns like the SSDA903 without having to download software or upload data.

Generate insight and impact decisions with free and open data tools.

Improve the production of key returns and generate impactful visualisations with our tools, or join the community to help customize and improve current tools, and build new ones.

Use tools developed by local authority analysts to easily generate impactful and insightful visualisations of your data, helping to expand your toolkit and inform future decisions. 

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Learn and collaborate with peers, and help other local authorities improve too.

Learn Python, SQL and advanced Excel, help define our agenda for future developments, or find a community of local authority analysts sharing challenges and approaches. Help make sure our tools and community work for you, and know that your work will benefit colleagues all over England.

Better data tools, better collaboration, better services for children

Economies of scale, at a local level

"For an LA such as ours with a small CSC data team, this would be the opportunity to use a far better tool than we would have time to develop independently."

By working together, we find the places we can unlock economies of scale, and we deliver tools which enhance the local-level analysis which can't be done without local expertise.

New initiatives to benefit the whole sector

From demand modelling to sector-tailored apprenticeships, from multi-year funded projects to small tweaks of existing tools, our priorities are defined by local authority data professionals.

We're led by local authorities and we define our goals accordingly.

Advocacy and expertise at national level

As a dedicated central resource we can help represent local authorities to national data providers, legislators and other stakeholders.


As part of the Children's Services National Performance and Information Management Group, we help find new ways for local knowledge to inform national approaches.


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