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SSDA903 Validation Tool

A browser-based Python data vaildation tool, for in-year SSDA903 data cleaning

SSDA903 Validation Tool

Version 0.1.1

This is an early release which implements the SSDA 903 validation checks for the 2021 to 2022 return as described in this document.

It currently contains all 'Stage 1' rules except:

  • rule 1008, which requires a URN lookup table (will be added in future release)

  • rules 105, 205A-D & 330, which rely on the XML specification (will be added in future release)

  • rules 1000, 1001, 1002, 1008, 199 which require historical data held on the DfE system (will be added in future release, with the caveat of potential false positives/negatives, since this tool only accepts up to 2 years of data)

141 of 184 'Stage 2' Rules are currently implemented, with the rest to be added over the coming weeks.

Planned features also include:

  • Full XML support

  • All URN-related validation checks

  • UI enhancements

  • Preliminary data integrity checks