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Demand Modelling Tool for CLA Placements

A powerful Excel tool which uses PowerQuery to ingest multiple years of SSDA903 data files, and generates adjustable cost and demand models for different kinds of CLA placements.

Demand Modelling Tool for CLA Placements
  • 1.13: Allow more recent data to be used in the tool, either by csvs or xml for most recent year

  • 1.13: Summary data table on costs tab

  • 1.13: Adjustments to the stacked charts on Placement Costs - Base case graph uses historic placement allocation rates rather than adjusted, and Markers added to show where the forecast begins

  • 1.13: Cost inflation option for placement costs added

  • 1.13: Line added to the forecast graph to show non-modelled placements, to allow people to see how many “other” placements the model is not accounting for

  • 1.13: UASC filter added to forecast

  • 1.13: Some UX signposting changes

  • 1.13: New error codes added to ingest process

  • 1.13: Various bug fixes

  • 1.12: Minor fixes to data load process

  • 1.11: First "live" version including pre-load file checks and better signposting within the tool

  • 1.9 BETA-2: Usability tweaks based on early feedback, and introduction of confidence intervals calculations for the core model

  • 1.7 BETA-1: First shared beta, prior to formal launch