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Our flagship Excel tool uses the standard Annex A reports produced by all English local authorities to produce detailed analysis covering every stage of the children's social care pathway.

  • (6.13) Updated Children looked after in England including adoptions with 2020-21 data as per DfE data release

  • (6.13) Fixed "count LAs with value for this measure" in Data_AllLAs to recognise new LAs added to list

  • (6.13) Tidied up some missing values from previous updates including Herefordsire population

  • (6.12) Fixed BCP calculations for CIN 2021 data

  • (6.11) Updated Characteristics of Children in Need data as per DfE data release 28/10/2021

  • (6.11) Added NPD pupil characteristics 2021

  • (6.11) Added mid year population estimates 2020 (published 2021)

  • (6.11) Added "ErrorCount" columns to end of each list tab - filter by this column to easily find all rows with any errors

  • (6.11) Adjusted formula in List 10!AX:AX (placed/waiting flag) to avoid counting children adopted without being "placed for adoption" as "waiting".

  • (6.11) Adjusted ChAT report C1221 to count children valid for A10 measure, not all children

  • (6.11) Adjusted ChAT report AU1249 to count ADM-relevant children for A5 measure, not all children

  • (6.11) Amended Benchmarking tab's (and by extension main report's) "latest" figure lookup for "own provision" (LAA7.09) and "foster placements" (LAA3.11) as both were previously erroneously looking for the latest figure for "LT stability 2+" (P_Pl2.01)

  • (6.11) Updated Data_AllLAs to include space for 2020-21 data releases; updated table headings and lookups to focus on years up to 2021 in the Benchmarking and CustomGroup tabs

  • (6.11) Added North Northamptonshire and West Northamptonshire new LAs (did not remove Northamptonshire as legacy data may be useful to stat neighbours, etc.)

  • (6.11) Added Data_AllLAs columns ER:EX, LQ:LW, BGH and BHA to accommodate new phys/sex abuse split codes and new ARAB ethniticy category in 2021 CIN release

  • (6.10) Adoption scorecards 2017-20 added

  • (6.10) fixed issue with in/out placement statistics

  • (6.9) Switched school pupil %s on p22 to show 1 decimal place, to better demonstrate small cohorts

  • (6.9) Corrected Colum AGU in Data_AllLAs (matched CLA for SEN purposes) and derived calculations (affects 2019 dataset)

  • (6.9) Amended warning note in ChaT_MONTHLY re-referrals chart to make explicit that this typically overcounts

  • (6.8) Added 4 codes to care leaver activity (apprenticeships now split from other training/employment as per 2021-22 SSDA903 specification)

  • (6.8) Fixed re-referrals chart on ChAT_MONTHLY (row selection error caused by change to Benchmarking tab to point out difference between annual and monthly calculation methods)

  • (6.7) Fixed monthly CP re-reg calculation (was looking at new regs which are re-regs, as a % of open cases; should have been, and now is, looking at new regs which are re-regs, as % of registrations that month)

  • (6.7) Fixed Long term stability measure in CLA data release following DfE republication (affects 2018 and 2019 datasets)