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Our flagship Excel tool uses the standard Annex A reports produced by all English local authorities to produce detailed analysis covering every stage of the children's social care pathway.


  • (6.19) Fixed RIIA!K30 (CPPs ceasing) - was referring to wrong calculation cell

  • (6.19) Fixed RIIA!K25 (S47s) - was failing count from List 5

  • (6.19) Fixed issue with RIIA calculating UASC numbers (B76)

  • (6.19) Updated lookups and minor bug fixes from user reports

  • (6.19) Reduced file size by removing unused data in backend

  • (6.19) Fixed issue with Monthly ChAT showing wrong months in legend

  • (6.19) Updated D2I email address on front page

  • (6.19) Fixed issue with lists calculating wrong quarter start date (used in RIIA calcs) -see comments to right.

  • (6.19) Added box on front page to show version of Annex A ChAT is working to 

  • (6.19) Hidden old RIIA Q Tracker as causing some confusion with 2022/23 tracker - for the LAs still using, please unhide on your local copy

  • (6.19) Updated Annex A guidance to May 22

  • (6.18) Added new "RIIA" tab to calculate ChAT-calculable measures for the RIIA '23 quarterly dataset (ignore RIA_QTracker tab which is left intact for legacy users)

  • (6.18) Amended Dorset population data

  • (6.18) Fixed some exclusions figures showing % instead of number

  • (6.18) Updated "DataOutput" tab to show 2020-21 benchmarking values where available

  • (6.17) Added Outcomes for CIN including CLA 2020-21 as per DfE data release

  • (6.17) Updated lookups and minor bug fixes from user reports

  • (6.17) Updated benchmarking table in ChAT_MONTHLY to pull 2020-21 data

  • (6.16) Amended display of some numbers in RIA_Qtracker tab which were showing as %

  • (6.16) Added note to HOME instructions that in some Excel versions the List tabs will now auto-extend their formulae if more than the expected number of rows of data are supplied

  • (6.16) Updated Ofsted inspection outcomes in CustomGroup tab

  • (6.16) Added 01/01/2022 to Bank Holiday list (missed in last update)

  • (6.16) Updated Children's Social Work Workforce with 2020-21 data as per DfE data release

  • (6.15) Fixed issue whereby ethnicity data from SC2021 was not copying through to Benchmarking tab or to page 23 of ChAT report (because hidden Ethnicities tab had not been updated)

  • (6.15) Added bank holidays for 2022 and 2023

  • (6.15) Added "appears on assessments list" flag to List 3, alongside existing "appears on CIN list" flag, to assist Ofsted in estimating referral outcomes without further data requests

  • (6.15) Updated ONSPopEst hidden tab which powers some population calculations in the workbook (missed during 6.11 update)

  • (6.15) Updated ICPC 15 day % and Assessment 45 day % from December LAIT file, which includes some values which were suppressed in the statutory data release

  • (6.14) Updated Ofsted inspection outcomes in CustomGroup tab

  • (6.14) Fixed % convicted in OC2 data (Data_AllLAs!ADE:ADE) which was previously showing number of children instead of percentage

  • (6.14) Visual tweaks to charts on ChAT_REPORT and ChAT_MONTHLY (correctly isolating "last 6 months" and monthly points respectively)

  • (6.14) Fixed axis on early help age breakdown chart

  • (6.14) Updated ChAT_REPORT page 23 to show 20-21 figures where available

  • (6.14) Updated Fostering data 2020-21 in benchmarking tables

  • (6.14) Updated list 8 error count to include date errors as well as code errors