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Benchmarking Tool (BMt)

A comprehensive, frequently updated compendium of national datasets relating to Children's Social Care, with table and chart views, and options to create your own comparator groups.

Benchmarking Tool (BMt)
  • (3.20) Updated Children looked after in England including adoptions with 2020-21 data as per DfE data release

  • (3.20) Fixed "count LAs with value for this measure" in Data_AllLAs to recognise new LAs added to list

  • (3.20) Tidied up some missing values from previous updates including Herefordsire population

  • (3.19) Fixed BCP calculations for CIN 2021 data release

  • (3.18) Updated Characteristics of Children in Need with 2020-21 data as per DfE data release 28/10/2021

  • (3.18) Updated mid-year population estimates to 2020 (which is the 2021 release, relating to the 2020-21 reporting year for other relevant data release cohorts)

  • (3.18) Updated pupil characteristics for January 2021 (which is the 2021 release, relating to the 2020-21 reporting year for other relevant data release cohorts)(3.18) Updated Data_AllLAs to include space for 2020-21 data releases; updated table headings and lookups to focus on years up to 2021 in the SingleYear_Data, SingleYear_Quartiles, 5YearTrends, Charts and Charts (2) tabs

  • (3.18) Added Data_AllLAs columns ER:EX, LQ:LW, BGH and BHA to accommodate new phys/sex abuse split codes and new ARAB ethniticy category in 2021 CIN release

  • (3.18) Added "duration of assessments: median days" to chart selection boxes (useful alternative benchmark if your LA's assessment duration totals are suppressed)

  • (3.18) Fixed minor issue with 15-16 stat neighbours not showing in charts (summary data mislabelled in Data_AllLAs)

  • (13.7) Adoption scorecards 2017-20 added

  • (13.7) fixed issue with in/out placement statistics

  • (13.6) Corrected Colum AGU in Data_AllLAs (matched CLA for SEN purposes) and derived calculations (affects 2019 dataset)

  • (13.5) Fixed Richmond's "N/A" values in workforce benchmarking data, to enable stat neighbour calculations to function correctly for all LAs

  • (13.5) Fixed Long term stability measure in CLA data release following DfE republication (affects 2018 and 2019 datasets)

  • (13.4) Updated statistical neighbours in line with DfE publication of 01/04/2021

  • (13.3) Added CIN/CLA Outcomes 2019-20 LA-level data

  • (13.3) Added 2019-20 Workforce data

  • (13.3) Added Adoption Scorecards 2016-19 LA-level data

  • (13.3) Added "Latest local" input on the "Charts" tab – you can now more easily include (and name) a local data point in the trend charts

  • (13.3) Added "Charts (2)" tab containing single-year ranking chart